Google announced it at the beginning of this month, and now it’s happening. More than 6 months after its United States launch, Google Home is available from Canadian retailers as of today, June 26th. Google announced that the device would be coming to six new countries over the course of the summer, and Canada is the first…

With the device’s Canadian launch, the device is getting a new language: Canadian French. Besides that, though, the Home is business as usual. You won’t find any notable new feature additions outside of this. That said (as evidenced by the below video), it appears that Google Assistant is already fairly fluent in her new language.

At Google I/O 2017, Google spoke heavily about its plans to expand the Home and Google Assistant to new countries and languages. If you’re still anxiously awaiting the opportunity to purchase a Home, expect it and the Assistant to add even more languages and locales throughout this summer and going into the rest of 2017.

Google Home is priced at $179.99 CAD (roughly $133.11), and you can pick it up from the Google Store, Bell, Best Buy, Fido, Indigo, London Drugs, Rogers, Staples, The Source, Telus, Visions, and Walmart.

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