After announcing a ‘Plus’ model of the G6 last month, LG appears to be going down to the mid-range with the Q6. With an official announcement teased for tomorrow, the device’s appearance and some specifications have already leaked.

From the front, the Q6 is a shrunken down version of the G6 with the same nearly edge-less design and rounded screen corners. Meanwhile, the rear is surprisingly reminiscent of the Nexus 5 (also made by LG) thanks to its large camera lens and flash in the top-left corner.

Besides the lack of a dual-camera setup, there is also no fingerprint sensor. Instead, there is just a regular power button on the right side and a volume rocker on the left. Hopefully, the recently announced face unlocking features from the G6 will be available on this device.

Additionally, the bottom-firing speaker has been moved to the rear. Despite being a mid-range device, another leak notes only slightly shrunken dimensions at 148.84mm x 71.9mm x 7.9mm vs. 142.6mm x 69.3mm x 8.1mm.

An LG teaser video makes note of the announcement tomorrow, with confirmed processor, memory, and storage specs still unknown at ths time. The mid-range space is become increasingly competitive with a mid-range Moto X4 also expected in the coming months.

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