Google Prompt revolutionized the way 2-step verification worked for many, adding a simple one-tap process to verify a new sign in from your smartphone (or watch). However, sometimes things are a bit too simple, lacking information that could make things better. Now, Google is revamping Prompt with more information, but the same simple method for signing in.

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Like the current version of Google Prompt, this update is going to send a prompt to your smartphone (Android or iOS) which notifies you of a new sign-in and gives you the ability to confirm that sign in or block it. It’s quick and easy, but lacks some important information that many may want access to.

With the latest refresh of the feature, Google is adding the ability to see the device where a sign-in is being attempted, a nearby location, and the time when the sign-in occurred. That’s all valuable information if you happen to get an unauthorized user trying to sign in to your account.

Along with that, Google is also trying to push more users towards this new, more secure method of two-factor authentication. Users will see an invite to join Google Prompt if they haven’t already and are still using SMS. The decision to join, however, is of course still yours.

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