Google Prompt Stories September 16, 2021

Galaxy Watch 4 doesn’t work with Google Prompt 2FA notifications like every other Wear OS watch

Two-factor authentication is an important security measure in today’s digital world, but making the feature convenient is key. Google Prompt makes 2FA easy, but unlike every other Wear OS watch out there, the feature doesn’t work on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4.

Google Prompt Stories May 6, 2021

Two-factor authentication — or two-step verification in Google parlance — is a minimum requirement for staying safe online. Google today revealed that it plans to automatically enroll users with “appropriately configured” accounts into 2SV methods, like the Google Prompt.

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Google Prompt Stories June 17, 2020

Two-step authentication is one of the best ways to stay secure online, and for years Google has made that really easy using “Google Prompt.” Now, Google Prompt is expanding to “any eligible phone” on your account.

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Google Prompt Stories February 11, 2019

Google Prompt gets a Material Theme look, currently in testing w/ some Android users

Two-factor authentication is something you should have enabled pretty much anywhere you can help it, and Google makes it pretty easy with Prompt. Now, it seems Google is testing out a new design for the Prompt interface with some Android users that implements Material Theme.

Google Prompt Stories October 9, 2018

Two-factor authentication is something everyone should be using to one extent or another, but especially on their most important accounts. Google makes it easy with a plethora of options, and now the company is making Google Prompt available on each device you’re signed into.

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Google Prompt Stories October 18, 2017

Google defaulting from SMS to phone-based Prompt for new 2-Step Verification users

Last year, Google announced a new method for 2-Step Verification that is built into Android and available on iOS. The Google Prompt replaces the hackable SMS method and was recently updated to include more detailed information. Today, Google announced that the Prompt will become the default method for new sign-ups.

Google Prompt Stories July 14, 2017

Google Prompt revolutionized the way 2-step verification worked for many, adding a simple one-tap process to verify a new sign in from your smartphone (or watch). However, sometimes things are a bit too simple, lacking information that could make things better. Now, Google is revamping Prompt with more information, but the same simple method for signing in.

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Google Prompt Stories November 19, 2016

‘Google Prompt’ two-factor authentication now works on Android Wear devices for some

A few months ago Google introduced a new sign-in method for two-factor authentication users, “Google Prompt.” Rather than sending a code via SMS, Google would prompt users on a pre-selected smartphone whenever a sign-in is needed. Now, that’s expanding to Android Wear

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