Two-factor authentication Stories June 25, 2019

The best way to protect online accounts is with a security key that ensures you’re the one signing in. However, enterprise users still have legacy systems like Internet Explorer or remote desktops that don’t support the new log-in method. Google now has security codes created using security keys for those scenarios.

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Two-factor authentication Stories May 7, 2019

[Update: Now generally available] All Android 7+ phones are now 2FA security keys for signing into Google

Last year at Cloud Next, Google announced its own Titan Security Key as part of a push to encourage two-step verification. These small devices fight phishing by requiring a physical confirmation that you are the one logging into an account. Google today announced that all Android 7+ phones can be used as security keys to sign into the company’s services.

Two-factor authentication Stories April 11, 2019

How to use your Android phone as a security key for your Google account

It’s not easy to keep our online lives secure, but Google is working to take some of the hassles out of it. Recently, the company announced that it would let users turn any Android Nougat smartphone into a security key for their Google account. Here’s how to do just that.

Two-factor authentication Stories March 26, 2019

Two-factor authentication is increasingly recommended to stay safe on the internet and defend accounts from phishing attacks. Google is updating its 2-Step Verification workflow so that browsers are now responsible for walking users through using USB and Bluetooth security keys.

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Two-factor authentication Stories March 14, 2019

G Suite admins can now disable two-factor authentication over texts, phone calls

Given today’s security threats, enabling two-factor authentication on all your accounts is highly encouraged. However, not all 2FA is the same, with the latest consensus being to ditch SMS for Security Keys. Google is now letting G Suite admins disable existing telephony options.

Two-factor authentication Stories February 11, 2019

Google Prompt gets a Material Theme look, currently in testing w/ some Android users

Two-factor authentication is something you should have enabled pretty much anywhere you can help it, and Google makes it pretty easy with Prompt. Now, it seems Google is testing out a new design for the Prompt interface with some Android users that implements Material Theme.

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