Two-factor authentication Stories July 23, 2018

Two-factor authentication is increasingly becoming a requirement to protect online accounts from phishing attacks. With methods ranging from SMS to prompts, one of the more secure forms involves Security Keys, with Google highlighting the success of rolling out these devices.

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Two-factor authentication Stories June 8, 2018

Several days ago, Google released a handful of videos discussing its “Advanced Protection Program” which just advises people to purchase and use Yubico security keys as a means of physical two-step authentication when logging into their accounts. But as it turns out, the Pixelbook’s power button can be used as a Universal 2nd Factor (U2F) security key.

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Two-factor authentication Stories January 22, 2018

A Google engineer recently spoke at a conference and stated that only roughly 10 percent of all Google account holders have enabled two-factor authentication. That is a surprisingly low percentage of users not taking every step possible to protect their Google and email accounts.

Why haven’t you enabled two-step authentication on your Google account?

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Online security is an increasingly big deal in our day-to-day lives, and there are two easy methods of keeping our data secure. First, a strong password, and secondly, two-factor authentication. If used properly, these can do wonders for keeping your online data safe, but so few actually use them as they should…

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Two-factor authentication Stories July 14, 2017

Google Prompt revolutionized the way 2-step verification worked for many, adding a simple one-tap process to verify a new sign in from your smartphone (or watch). However, sometimes things are a bit too simple, lacking information that could make things better. Now, Google is revamping Prompt with more information, but the same simple method for signing in.

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Two-factor authentication Stories November 19, 2016

‘Google Prompt’ two-factor authentication now works on Android Wear devices for some

A few months ago Google introduced a new sign-in method for two-factor authentication users, “Google Prompt.” Rather than sending a code via SMS, Google would prompt users on a pre-selected smartphone whenever a sign-in is needed. Now, that’s expanding to Android Wear

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