One of the best uses for a smart home speaker like Google Home is controlling smart home devices. At launch, Google Assistant was a bit light on what it worked with, but the list has been expanding, and today, LG is bringing Google Assistant controls to its lineup of smart home appliances.

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LG’s smart home lineup is packed with various appliances and devices from washer and dryers, refrigerators, to even robotic vacuums. With the new wireless controls, users of these smart home products can simply ask Google Assistant on any device to have their vacuum start its work, check in on the timer for a wash, and even have the fridge make more ice.

…the Google Assistant is now compatible with all of LG smart home devices using either Google Home, your eligible Android phone or your iPhone, you can control connected appliances hands-free. Using the Google Assistant, users can perform a range of tasks such as checking the remaining time for a wash cycle to finish or telling the refrigerator to create more ice. And because the Assistant on Google Home can distinguish one voice from another, the entire family can get in on the action.

If you ask me, this is one of the better uses of Assistant’s voice controls when it comes to interacting with a smart home, but it obviously requires a fairly expensive collection of appliances in the home. If, though, you’re using any of LG’s excellent new products, this functionality will be live soon.

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