With Google Assistant launching on more devices and set to get new features in the coming months, Google is testing a new walkthrough screen to encourage more users to enable the smart assistant by better showcasing its features and uses.

Titled “the new way to talk to Google,” it replaces the current static screenshot that greets users after holding down on the home button for the first time. The current walkthrough replaces an even older interface that dates back to when Assistant initially launched last year.

InsteadĀ of briefly telling users what Assistant can do with a quick blurb, the new animation-heavy interface shows them through simulated conversations that list possible questions and answers.

The new screen cycles through Assistant capabilities like “tell me a joke,” “show me the best pizza places,” and “call mom.” It does not show actual results, but rather a cute animation of the action.

Unless you’re setting up Assistant on a new device or have reset yours, it’s unlikely that you’ll encounter the setup prompt. Nevertheless, it’s much more informative and hopefully will encourage users to both enable and keep using the feature.

So far, we’ve only encountered the new setup screen on one device. Others are still showing a static interface.

ThanksĀ Dylan!

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