Chris Lacy’s popular launcher alternative, Action Launcher, has seen a lot of great updates over the years, and in its latest update, it’s picking up one of the Pixel 2’s new features.

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One of the excellent new features found on Google’s new Pixel 2 smartphones is the “at a glance” widget. In short, this widget gives you the time and date along with the weather, but can adjust to also give you calendar events and important information such as flight details when you might need them.

On the Pixel 2, this is a really handy and well-done widget, so it’s great to see it expanding to other devices through Action Launcher version 30. This update, available on the Play Store now, makes this widget an optional feature for all users, but that’s not all it brings.

Along with the new widget, Lacy has added further customization to the dock search bar with colored icons.

In its previous update Action Launcher gained the Pixel 2-style dock search box, bringing with it boundless color and customization. The v30 update expands on the dock search bar customizations even further by introducing a dedicated icon editor that allows theming of dock icons with the en vogue Google colors.

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