action launcher Stories February 4

Apple finally debuted widgets in iOS 14, years behind Android. While Google gets a lot right about widgets, Apple has some good ideas, too. “Smart Stack” is one of those good ideas, and now that widget has been brought over to Android.

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action launcher Stories December 21, 2019

One of the big gripes about Android 10 for many longtime Android users has been that gestures don’t work with third-party launchers. Now, one of the popular launchers, Action Launcher, is getting full support for Android 10’s gesture navigation among a bunch of other new features.

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action launcher Stories April 29, 2019

Action Launcher v40 overhaul includes new ad-supported Action Search, brand new app icon, more

In the latest major update to the popular third-party Android launcher, Action Launcher v40 has now added a new ad-supported search model alongside a number of notable updates and improvements.

action launcher Stories June 18, 2018

Third-party launchers are a fun and easy way to customize your Android experience, and one of our personal favorites is Action Launcher. This week, the popular launcher is picking up a fresh update with some handy new features and improvements.

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action launcher Stories May 2, 2018

Action Launcher has been one of our favorite third-party launcher options for Android for a while. The app has long offered excellent functionality, and developer Chris Lacy is always quick to adopt the latest and greatest Android has to offer. Now, with an update to version 35, Action Launcher is picking up some tricks from Android P, and much more…

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action launcher Stories October 30, 2017

Chris Lacy’s popular launcher alternative, Action Launcher, has seen a lot of great updates over the years, and in its latest update, it’s picking up one of the Pixel 2’s new features.

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