Alongside its two flagship smartphones, Google released the Pixel Buds. These Bluetooth headphones, which compete with Apple’s AirPods, are meant to pair with any of the Pixel smartphones or the PixelBook so that they can work with the Assistant. But as they are first and foremost Bluetooth headphones, there is a way to use them with other devices. Here’s how…

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How to manually pair Pixel Buds with other devices |

  1. Open the Bluetooth settings on whichever device you wish to pair the Pixel Buds to
  2. Open the lid of the Pixel Buds leaving the earbuds in the case
  3. Locate the button on the opposite side of the LED battery indicator
  4. Press down and hold the button for three to five seconds until the LED light turns amber and starts blinking
  5. Find the Pixel Buds in the Bluetooth menu on your phone, tablet, or laptop and tap on it to pair
  6. You should now be able to listen to audio through your Pixel Buds from any electronic device

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