Google Pixel Buds Overview Updated October 15, 2019

Google Pixel Buds

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October 2017 - October 2019

Google Pixel Buds Stories October 15

Google’s first generation of Pixel Buds proved a decent offering, but they paled in comparison to the likes of Apple’s AirPods. Now, Google has announced a new take on its smart earbuds with the Pixel Buds (2nd gen).

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RIP Pixel Buds. To make way for the new variant coming next year, Google has officially killed off its original wireless earbuds, the Google Pixel Buds.

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The second-generation Google Pixel Buds have now gone official at the Made by Google 2019 launch event.

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Google Pixel Buds Stories October 14

In its fourth year, Google Hardware is launching maturing followups to five major products. Our sources say to expect Google’s latest flagship smartphone, the Pixel 4, as well as a Pixelbook Go laptop, a second generation version of its Nest Mini and Nest Wifi connected home devices, and a followup to the Pixel Buds. We’ve been tracking these products extensively for almost a year, and you’ll find everything we know — and some new tidbits — below…

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Google Pixel Buds Stories October 10

Google’s Pixel Buds haven’t gotten a ton of attention since their debut back in 2017, but it seems a new update is being prepared. In the past 24 hours, a new option to enable “Hey Google” hotword support has appeared for Pixel Buds users, but unfortunately, it’s not working.

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Google Pixel Buds Stories October 8

We recently reported that Google is set to release Pixel Buds 2 at its upcoming launch event, but it’s still not known what the company plans to change with the product. What features would be on your wish list for Pixel Buds 2?

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