Google Pixel Buds Overview Updated June 12, 2019

Google Pixel Buds

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October 2017 - June 2019

Google Pixel Buds Stories June 12

Google’s Pixel Buds may not be widely loved, but they’re still a decent piece of hardware. This week, an update has been rolling out to the Pixel Buds which promises to lessen lag and make a handful of other improvements.

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Google Pixel Buds Stories December 19, 2018

Google releases new product video for last year’s Pixel Buds

Despite rumors suggesting otherwise, Google did not release new Pixel Buds at this year’s October 9th event. While we did see a wired version included with the Pixel 3, the wireless Pixel Buds are unchanged, with Google now giving them a push for the holidays.

Google Pixel Buds Stories October 13, 2018

Over the past year, the number of Google Assistant headphones available have proliferated. This, unfortunately, is not due to the success of Pixel Buds, but rather various brands adding one-tap access to notifications and Google Search on Android. All these headphones now support the Pixel Buds real-time translation feature.

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Google Pixel Buds Stories September 12, 2018

Last year’s Pixel Buds were some of my favorite wireless headphones, but they were flawed in some big ways. As we approach Google’s October 9th hardware unveiling, we’re expecting the company to reveal a second-gen Pixel Buds 2, and there are a few key places where they can be improved.

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Google Pixel Buds Stories May 15, 2018

During I/O 2018, the Google app gained the ability to customize what notifications get sent to Assistant headphones. Today, Google is rolling out a number of new features to Pixel Buds, including new double and triple tap gestures, as well as the ability to easily switch between devices.

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Google Pixel Buds Stories May 10, 2018

Google’s hardware has been evolving a lot over the years, and with a spectacular offering last year, we’re all excited to see what’s coming this October. Now, an early report claims that Google is adding a smartwatch to its lineup this Fall…

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