Google’s Duo video service is definitely underrated, but the company is pushing it in several ways to get more users interested. Now, users with Google’s own dialer application can start Duo calls with just a tap.

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Duo’s integration with other Android apps was first announced back in October, but the actual rollout never really happened. As Android Police points out, Duo’s button in the dialer app has been hidden even through updates to Duo and the Phone app itself. Now though, it’s finally appearing.

Simply calling a user through the dialer application gives you typical options like adding a call, mute, and turning on speaker mode. Now, another option has been added with a shortcut to start a Duo call. As you’d expect, this button quickly launches a Duo call to that same number and, once the video call has started, will hang up the phone call.

Now that this is enabled, your phone app’s call log will also house a record of Duo calls, just like Google previously announced. This was all seemingly activated by a server-side switch, so it might not be enabled on your own device just yet.

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