Google Maps is easily one of the best ways to get directions, and a huge part of that is how flexible of a tool it is. Recently, Google has made it possible to adjust how Assistant gives you directions via Maps, no matter what your mode of transport is.

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We all get around a bit differently, but Maps and Assistant default to driving when it comes to directions. A new setting, though, makes it possible for Google Assistant to tell Maps which method of transportation is your default.

First spotted by¬†Android Police, the “Getting Around” section of Assistant’s preferences section will let you adjust your default method of transportation when asking for directions via Google Assistant. There are two options for this, either for your daily commute to work, or just general navigation.

This functionality is currently rolling out as part of a server-side update, so you might not see it on your device just yet. Once enabled, though, you’ll be able to activate it by going to Assistant’s “Explore” section > Settings > Personal Info > Preferences > Getting Around.

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