Update 7:18pm PT: Things look like they might be working again for some users. The fix might take a couple of minutes to make their way to all regions.

This evening, while trying to retrieve some images from Google Photos, I noticed that I was having a hell of a hard time pulling up the website. After restarting my computer and figuring out that the issue wasn’t on my end. A quick look online showed that I wasn’t alone having issues…

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A quick search on Twitter and DownDetector shows that people trying to use a good number of Google’s services right now are running into issues. A quick glance at the Tweets shows that some users are having problems with Photos, Maps, News, and more.

After further investigation, it looks like even Google Assistant is having issues. That means on top not being to ask your phone questions, most of Google Home’s different abilities are also not working.

But, of course, if you check Google’s status page, it shows no issues at all. Hopefully, this is just a quick issue that Google will squash in a couple of minutes.

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