By default, your Galaxy S9 and S9+ only displays the device’s home screen in portrait mode. If you like using your handset in landscape, there’s an option to let you properly see your handset’s display while it’s laying on its side…

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Steps to enabling landscape home screen on the Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9+

  1. Enable landscape mode
  2. Enjoy

1. Enable landscape mode

Head into your Galaxy S9 or S9+’s settings menu by pulling down the notification tray and selecting the gear icon. From there, tap on Display and then Home screen.

In this submenu, locate the Portrait mode only option and toggle it off.

2. Enjoy

Once the ‘portrait mode only’ option is turned off, you should be able to rotate your device into landscape and have your home screen reorient to display correctly. Of course, some of your widgets might look different as there won’t be as much space available as there was in portrait mode.

By the way, this setting also translates to the app drawer, which will also be displayed properly while the phone is in the landscape orientation.

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