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Samsung Galaxy S9 Tutorials

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February 2018 - April 2018

Own a Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9+? Find tips, tricks, and tutorials for your handset here!

Samsung Galaxy S9 Tutorials Stories April 9, 2018

Remap the Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+’s Bixby button with bxActions

If you’re like most Galaxy S9 and S9+ owners, you probably never use the physical Bixby button found on the side of your device. Thankfully, instead of just disabling the button altogether, an app called bxActions works surprising well at remapping the button to launch different apps or actions.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Tutorials Stories April 2, 2018

How to add an animated GIF to the Galaxy S9, S8, and Note 8’s ‘Always-on Display’

Out of the box, the Galaxy S9 and S9+ were able to show an image of the user’s choosing on the Always-on Display. Now, any Samsung phone running Oreo including the S9, S8, and Note 8 can add a GIF to the lockscreen. Here’s how…

Samsung Galaxy S9 Tutorials Stories March 16, 2018

How to install Mickey and Minnie Mouse AR Emoji on the Samsung Galaxy S9

With today’s official launch of the Galaxy S9 and S9+, Samsung has released a new AR Emoji pack that allows you to look like Disney’s Mickey or Minnie Mouse. Here’s how to install and use the new AR Emojis on your brand new Galaxy flagship smartphone…

Reduce eye strain with the Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9+’s blue light filter & grayscale mode

As you probably know, studies have shown that the blue light from electronics suppresses melatonin production and makes it harder to fall to sleep and causes eye strain over time. Thankfully, the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ have a built-in blue light filter and a grayscale mode that cuts out this form of light…

Samsung Galaxy S9 Tutorials Stories March 14, 2018

How to get better battery life on Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9+

Experiencing poorer battery life than you would like on your Galaxy S9 or S9+? Well, you’re in luck as Samsung has built several battery-life saving features into the phone. Here’s how to use them all…

Samsung Galaxy S9 Tutorials Stories March 10, 2018

How to enable fingerprint gestures on Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9+

Just like many other Android OEMs, Samsung has built fingerprint gestures into the Galaxy S9 and S9+. Here’s how to enable and use them…

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