2017 was the year that we were introduced to Android smartphones with 18:9 aspect ratio displays. Thankfully, since most videos are created in 16:9, YouTube gives you the option to still watch the video in fullscreen. Here’s how…

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Steps to watching YouTube in fullscreen on 18:9 Android phones

  1. Find a YouTube video
  2. “Pinch-to-Zoom”

1. Find a YouTube video

As always, the first step for an Android Basics tutorial like this is to, of course, find a video to watch on YouTube. Additionally, make sure you are updated to the most recent version of the YouTube app from the Play Store.

2. “Pinch-to-Zoom”

Next, start playing a video in YouTube and rotate your phone into landscape. To see the video in fullscreen without the black bars above and below the player, use two fingers and pinch outward. This process will expand the video and take up the entire display.

Unfortunately, this process also cuts off a bit of the video. Typically, the portion that is lost isn’t too significant, but you’re still missing some of the footage.

Use the GIF below for help if you get lost along the way.

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