One of the easiest ways to customize your smartphone and make it feel more like your own is to set a custom wallpaper. While you can always find pictures online, Alvar Carto, a company that makes map posters, is now letting any create wallpapers of your favorite cities. Here’s how…

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Steps to making a custom map wallpaper for your phone

  1. Generate the map wallpaper
  2. Set the wallpaper on your phone

1. Generate the map wallpaper

First, head to Alvar Carto’s phone wallpaper generator website and select the Start designing button. From there, type in the name of any city in the world, choose a map color (black, gray, white, or orange), and select a resolution. The company has a handful of different sizes based on some popular smartphones such as the Pixel 2 XL, Samsung Galaxy handsets, all of the iPhones, and much more.

During this setup process, you will be able to live preview of the custom map. You can drag the image around to get the scene you want as well as zoom in or out of the picture.

When done, tap on the Generate button. After several moments, the wallpaper will download to your device.

Note: The Alvar Carto’s website is currently experiencing a lot of traffic so you might have some problems downloading your wallpaper.

Use the images below for help if you get lost along the way.

2. Set the wallpaper on your phone

Once the wallpaper is generated, make sure you have it in an accessible location on your phone. If you created the image on your computer, transfer it to your handset.

Next, go to your phone’s Settings menu by pulling down the notification tray and tapping on the gear icon. From there, jump into the Display option and then choose Wallpaper.

Lastly, locate the map wallpaper in your photos and set it for either just your home screen or your home screen and lock screen.

Note: These steps might vary slightly from device to device.

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