Ahead of the Game Developers Conference next week, Google’s ad services are launching new tools to help gaming developers better advertise apps. This includes video ads in the Play Store and more types of rewarded ads.

Google Play on Android already features ads in search results and occasionally in the main ‘Home’ feed. Over the next few months, advertisers will be able to place video ads in the form of a “Game Trailers for You” carousel.

Still a beta, videos do not appear to autoplay according to one screenshot, with the section marked by an “Ads” label in the upper-left corner. Google notes that its ads have resulted in over 10 billion apps installs for developers.

One trend in gaming is “Rewarded ads” where users can watch an optional clip to get in-game incentives, like an extra life or special power-up. Google notes that “45% of AdMob’s top 1000 gaming partners (by revenue) use rewarded ads,” with new formats that hope to be less intrusive.

Over the coming months, developers will be able to place ads that are essentially mini-games and other format where users can choose from several videos to watch.

Today’s announcements also include a way to provide Google with your business data so that it can find similar audiences to advertise a game, and improved Open Bidding.

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