There are a lot of great third-party keyboards for Android, but one of my personal favorites has always been the colorful Chrooma Keyboard. Now, that keyboard has picked up a major update nicknamed “Hydrogen.”

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Chrooma Keyboard was quite popular for a while, but it’s since fallen out of the spotlight a bit. Now, the developers are launching a new “complete redesign.” Hydrogen includes the introduction of a new proofreading service, typing statistics, and even a quick toolbar which includes GIF integration, a clipboard, and more. The actual app for Chrooma has also been refined.

The full changelog follows below, but one of the more notable changes is that Chrooma no longer contains ads. The app in its basic form is still completely free, but some new premium features require a yearly subscription.

Features in that subscription include the new proofreading service and more. It costs $5.99 a year, but you can get in on a promo now that cuts it to $3.49.

  • Proofreader integration: typo correction is not enough. We integrated a full proofreader system that let the user check and correct the semantic and the style of every important message.
  • Typing statistics: we added a new dedicated typing stats screen to let the user explore his typing skill and understand how Chrooma is helping him in writing better and faster.
  • QuickToolbar: everything the user needs is now easily accessible from the plus button (GIF, images, clipboard, more settings and stats)
  • Neural network prediction engine: we rewrote the next word prediction system to increase its speed and accuracy.
  • Asynchronous suggestions: we moved the core of our suggestions system on the background, drastically reducing the writing latency and providing a new smoother typing experience.
  • App redesign: we cleaned and refined the UI and UX of the app in order to help the user tune the keyboard for his needs.
  • New themes: we added new ways of styling the keyboard and improved the performances of the old animated themes
  • New gestures: it’s now possible to insert all the suggestions by simply swiping on the spacebar.
  • Ads free: we listened to the feedbacks of our users, removed the keyboard ads and went back to our premium model.
  • Privacy-focused: we care about the data of our users and so we do never collect the typed text.

Chrooma Keyboard is available now with its Hydrogen update on Google Play right now.

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