When Android Auto was first released, Google made sure that it included just enough functionality to let drivers use the infotainment system while keeping their eyes on the road. Now, though, the company is adding more features that could easily distract you.

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Last month, Android Auto was updated with a “Swipe up to unlock” feature that allowed users to access their phone even when it was running the infotainment system. Google said it added this so that passengers could still utilize the connected handset.

Announced in the¬†Android Auto User Community, Google’s in-car system has been updated to allow users to access their entire contact list. Previously, you could either rely upon Google Assistant to find someone in your contact list, view your starred contacts as well recent calls, or just dial a number.

To access your contact list, first head in the phone tab within Android Auto. Next, tap on the hamburger menu icon and select Contacts. When you aren’t in motion, the contact list will be unrestricted. If you’re driving,¬†though, you will only be able to tap down the list several times.

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