It can be frustrating sometimes to be using a G Suite account, as Google sometimes enacts random restrictions that don’t make a whole lot of sense. Recently, Google changed some policies on the Play Store that has further restricted these accounts.

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First pointed out by Android Police, Google has most recently disabled the ability to leave reviews or ratings for content on the Play Store. It’s unclear exactly when this went into effect or if it affects all users, but G Suite users (ourselves included) can no longer access reviews on the Play Store. Instead of blocking the reviews at the time of writing, Google simply removes the option entirely.

Many users on Google’s Product forums have pointed out this issue, and it certainly does seem like an intentional move by Google. Unfortunately, the company has yet to respond to the problem, so there’s really no indication of what’s actually going on.

This comes just a few weeks after it was discovered that Google had shut down the ability to redeem promo codes with a G Suite account. That issue has since been resolved, but clearly, it’s been a frustrating few weeks for G Suite account holders.

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