If you’ve ever had a problem with a Google product, odds are you ended up on the company’s Help Center for troubleshooting tips. Recently, Google has quietly added an official dark mode to the Help Center – here’s how to enable it.

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Sometime in the past few weeks, Google has added a toggle to its Help Center pages that enables a dark theme across the entire service. It’s unclear exactly when it was added, but it seems like it may have been as recent as this past week.

This new dark applies to the homepage, menus, and every single page underneath. Like other Google dark themes, this isn’t a true black theme. Rather, a dark grey color makes up the background while lighter shades, white, and other colors make up the text and overall design of the site.

To enable this new dark mode on the Google Help Center, all you need to do is click a small toggle at the bottom of the page. Google shows this toggle on every page of its Help Center, and the setting seems to stay in place once turned on for further pages. To test it out for yourself, simply head over to support.google.com.

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