Chrome OS is a big player in the education space, and Google is continuing its lead with the new Chromebook App Hub. Announced at SXSW Edu today, it provides a collection of trusted apps and other activities that best leverage a Chromebook’s capabilities.

The Chromebook App Hub is designed with various education stakeholders in mind. First and foremost, K-12 teachers can browse it to learn about interesting new web services. The Google for Education team imagines it as a place to find applications that make an existing lesson plan or subject more interactive.

“Idea sparks” — authored by other teachers and those in the education space — feature tips on how to use a new tool. It includes differentiated instruction strategies, and links to videos, activities, websites, and other resources. This editorial content is aimed at letting educators share digital strategies — revolving around specific apps — that work in the classroom.

Meanwhile, the Hub aids IT administrators as featured apps are transparent about data and accessibility policies. This should help reduce how much vetting time is required by admins. Third-party EdTech developers in listings are also able to directly explain the benefits of their apps.

Chromebook App Hub classrooms

Google worked with a teacher advisory board, IT administrators, district leaders, and instructional coaches to create the Chromebook App Hub. This online resource acts as a guide on how schools can best take advantage of the Chrome OS devices they have just bought and deployed into classrooms.

It will be available later this year, with sign-up forms now open for educators that want to know when its live, or how to submit Idea Sparks. Developers that want to participate can also express interest.

Chromebook App Hub classrooms

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