Google for Education Stories June 29

After announcing a handful of new education features just last week, Google is updating the privacy and security defaults for students using Chrome, as well as accounts and other apps, managed by schools. 

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Google for Education Stories June 22

Google’s fast iteration on Meet continues with a series of upcoming new features for education customers. One particular highlight for Google Meet “in the coming months” is the return of YouTube livestreams.

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Google for Education today hosted The Anywhere School 2021 to reveal the latest capabilities for teachers and students. Updates include PIN login for Chromebooks and Classroom add-ons, as well as Google Meet.

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Google for Education Stories February 17

Chrome OS screen recording tool coming in March, 40 education Chromebooks set for this year

Chromebooks are doing very well amid distance learning, and Google is doubling down on that with 40 new Chrome OS devices built for education coming this year. Meanwhile, Chrome OS 89 in March will add a native screen recording tool.

As distance learning continues, Google Meet is rolling out a handful of new features, including emoji reactions to help students better express themselves and more moderation controls for teachers.

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Google’s rebrand of G Suite to Workspace in October first rolled out to businesses, with the promise that personal and nonprofits users would follow later. Google Workspace for Education is rolling out next with more editions that better suit the needs of schools from pre-K to the PhD level.

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Google for Education Stories September 8, 2020

Following the extended Labor Day weekend, classes are returning online across the US this morning, and students are seeing something we all featured. A partial Google Drive outage appears to be affecting education accounts.

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Google for Education Stories August 11, 2020

Ahead of the upcoming (or already under way) school year, Google Meet is gaining a number of features for students and educators. At its back-to-school event, Google today provided a Meet education road map for upcoming moderation tools and other functionality intended to boost interactivity amid distance learning.

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Google Classroom adding to-do view, link invites, more languages

Google Classroom is a homepage for students and teachers alike that brings together assignments, discussions, and instructions. It’s now adding a to-do widget, link-based invites to simplify the joining process, and “enhanced” originality reports.

For the past several weeks, we’ve been tracking a math solver for Google’s visual search tool. Today, the Google Lens “Homework” filter was officially detailed and it covers more than just equations.

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Google for Education Stories May 4, 2020

Teacher Appreciation Week (May 4-8) this year comes amid COVID-19 driving remote learning around the world. Google is doing its part to celebrate teachers with a Doodle today and by offering more resources to educators.

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Google for Education Stories April 9, 2020

Google Classroom adds Meet integration as premium video features extended, usage soars

Distance learning amid the coronavirus pandemic has pushed many to tools like Google Classroom and Meet. Google today provided new usage figures for the two products, detailed a new Meet-Classroom integration, and extended how long premium features will be available for free.

Google for Education Stories March 20, 2020

Google has a number of education tools from Classroom to Hangouts Meet and everything else in G Suite. Given the uptick in remote learning, the company today published Teach from Home — a “temporary hub of information and tools to help teachers during the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis.”

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Google for Education Stories January 21, 2020

Last year, Google launched the Chromebook App Hub to showcase the best classroom software and ideas. At BETT 2020, the directory is seeing a suite of updates, including a search capability and more filtering, while there is a new Chromebook app licensing model.

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Google Classroom rubrics and originality reports exit beta

Besides Chromebooks, Google Classroom is another popular education tool from the company that lets teachers manage assignments while letting students collaborate in discussions. After entering beta last year, Google is launching new rubric and originality report tools for all G Suite for Education customers.

Google for Education Stories August 14, 2019

With Course Kit, students and teachers can use Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides with existing school software. Ahead of the new semester, the service is now called Google Assignments, with Google also introducing Originality Reports.

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Google for Education Stories July 29, 2019

Earlier this year, Google rolled out Work Insights for G Suite enterprise customers that help track adoption rates, collaboration statistics, and work patterns. A similar tool is now coming to Google for Education users with “transformation reports.”

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Google for Education Stories June 19, 2019

Ahead of next week’s ISTE 2019, Google for Education announced a slew of G Suite updates for schools. Classroom is adding grading rubrics and SIS syncing, while locked mode Quizzes on Chromebooks are launching this August.

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Google for Education Stories March 4, 2019

Google’s new Chromebook App Hub showcases the best classroom applications and ideas

Chrome OS is a big player in the education space, and Google is continuing its lead with the new Chromebook App Hub. Announced at SXSW Edu today, it provides a collection of trusted apps and other activities that best leverage a Chromebook’s capabilities.

Google for Education Stories October 16, 2018

With the Machine Learning Crash Course earlier this year, Google published its internal boot camp to expose AI to everyone. The company is now partnering with colleges across the U.S. to teach machine learning to students that have already taken computer and data science courses.

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Google for Education Stories April 2, 2018

After pilot programs in North and South Carolina, Google is expanding its “Rolling Study Halls” program to 16 more school districts. This ‘For Education‘ initiative equips school buses with Wi-Fi connectivity so that students who live in rural areas can study and do homework during their daily hours-long commute.

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Google for Education Stories August 3, 2015

Find opportunities to learn computer science with Google’s new online portal


Many job openings in the field of computer science go unfilled — not for lack of quality applicants, but due to a lack of any applicants at all. This is a big problem for technology companies, Google included, because it means they have to compete for the few candidates there are with large compensation packages and cushy benefits like on-site masseuses and shuttles to take employees to and from work (both benefits that Google offers). Google in particular has been working hard both to get more people into computer science and also increase the diversity of those going into the field, and today it rolled out an online destination where anyone can go to find computer science learning opportunities.

The new portal, which can be found on the Google for Education website (click here), aims to increase exposure to all kinds of opportunities for one to gain computer science skills — be it through online games, grants, summer camps, etc —  by collecting them in one place and allowing anyone to then sort them by age and region for the highest relevance to ones needs. Google notes in its blog post about the portal that encouragement and exposure can have a direct impact on a child’s interest in pursuing computer science education, and that goes especially for girls. This development is aimed particularly at students, but anyone interested in the field can take advantage of it.

“CS is much more than computer programming and coding— it’s a gateway to creativity and innovation not just in technology but in fields as diverse as music, sports, the arts, and health,” said Google in its blog post about the portal.

Google for Education Stories January 8, 2015

Google Education Access

Google today released what it calls “a guide to activating technology in schools” as part of its education efforts. Intended to assist teachers and IT administrators, Google says the new guide based on what other schools processes provides schools with the following frameworks to bring the web into the classroom. expand full story

Google for Education Stories July 18, 2014


Today, Google’s Senior Director of Global Enterprise Marketing, Chris Farinacci, announced that the search giant moved over 1 million Chromebooks through its Google for Education program during Q2 of 2014. Part of the company’s success is based on school districts and teachers using Google’s alternative laptops and software as tools to educate students.

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