It looks like Google has decided it just wasn’t crushing Eero hard enough. Google’s mesh wifi router product that supposedly contributed greatly to Eero’s sale to Amazon has just received its first official price drop. You can now get the single Google Wifi for just $99…

Previously $129 each for a single router and $299 for a 3 pack, the two-and-a-half year old router setup is now $99 for a single and $259 for three. (Although the latter drop isn’t crazy, since we’ve seen the 3-pack on sale for as little as $207 before.)

Notably, this price drop is across the board and seems permanent. You can see these prices reflected on the Google Store, but also at the various third-party retailers that also sell the Wifi. Those include Best Buy, Walmart, Bed Bath & Beyond, Amazon, and more.

This drop is interesting timing given the recent news cycle about it being a driving force behind Eero’s sale to Amazon. The router was already undercutting the Eero’s price in just about every way, and now that’s true even more than it was just a few days ago.

Ex-Eero employees in today’s report considered Google Wifi to be the “biggest challenge.” The competing mesh networking solution from Made by Google had — and continues to — undercut Eero on price.

In other recent “oof” news for Eero, the company reportedly tried to “remain a step ahead and diversify” its product lineup via a smart home security system called Hive. But Google unveiled the Nest Secure in September 2017, effectively leading to that product’s abandonment.

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