There have been a lot of changes and new features to the Google Play Store in recent weeks. Now, Google is testing out a few new Play Store features with some users, including the ability to download multiple app updates at a time.

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In the past week or so, we’ve spotted Google Play testing the ability to download multiple applications are one time, specifically when it comes to updates, through the Play Store. The folks over at Android Police have further confirmed this with several more users in what seems to be a relatively wide rollout for an A/B test.

This new feature does essentially what you’d expect, enabling users to download updates to multiple apps at one time. If you’ve ever had several in the queue, you’ll probably be excited for this one. The concurrent downloads are happening for all users, and from what we can tell, it only applies for app updates. As you’d probably expect, the update installs themselves are still one-by-one.

Another server-side update that Google is currently testing with some Play Store users is the ability to browse TV shows for purchase based on the network they air on. Further, the latest versions of the Play Store enable something called “Internal App Sharing.” This feature is hidden under multiple taps of the Play Store version number and disabled by default.

Image Credits: Android Police

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