OnePlus was one of the few holdouts when it came to the headphone jack last year, but the OnePlus 6T finally ditched it. Now, as the OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro both still lack the legacy port, OnePlus is jacking up the price of its official headphone adapter, and not even giving one to users.

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Pointed out by Android Police this past weekend, OnePlus quietly nearly doubled the price of its official headphone adapter to $12.95. That’s in line with what Google charges for its adapter, but a far cry from the $8 the company previously charged. This higher price seems to be in effect in a few other regions, but many remain unchanged. OnePlus charges a much higher $19.95 in Canada, for example, but still asks £6.99 in the UK.

While you might be quick to point out that other headphone jack adapters, Apple’s as an example, are less expensive than OnePlus’, there’s a caveat. OnePlus devices sometimes don’t work with third-party adapters, so going for a less-costly option could sacrifice the product working at all.

This is even more of a shame because the OnePlus 7 Pro (and OnePlus 7, by extension) doesn’t actually come with an adapter in the box. It’s been common practice for devices without a 3.5mm jack to include a headphone adapter in the box, and OnePlus was sticking with that with the 6T. With its 2019 lineup, though, that’s changed as we previously noted in our OnePlus 7 Pro tidbits roundup. Perhaps that’s why stock is hard to find for the accessory.

Notably, the company also quietly increased the price on its official OTG adapter to $13 from $10.

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