For April 1st, many Google apps add Easter Eggs or release fun product videos. However, one place company whimsy lives on year-round is Google Search. For July 4th, searching “fireworks” will give you a mini technicolor show on your device.

Ahead of Independence Day, some search queries that include “fireworks” — even “baby you’re a firework” — will start up the seconds-long display. The streams of light jet from the bottom of your screen before exploding into a multitude of colors. Like any good show, it increases in intensity, and will remain in center view as you scroll.

This is a new feature for 2019, with Search excluding the singular “firework” query from the Easter Egg. Other serious terms like “fireworks safety” will not invoke the virtual display.

It lasts 5-6 seconds and is rather whimsical, with “Fourth of July” also initiating the show. With a Google Doodle presumably coming on Thursday, this will likely garner a lot of playback and visibility then.

In addition to desktop, Google’s fireworks Easter Egg surprisingly also shows up on mobile, including and the Google Android app.

There is no way to disable the show once it starts, which might get annoying if you’re actively looking for information, like “fireworks near me.” Then again, the whimsy is more or less appropriate for that search. You can still click on links and scroll through the partially obstructed screen.

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