YouTube adds new features for video creators, including 60fps support and fan donations

YouTube announced several upcoming features for video makers during its VidCon conference today. Among the new features is support for high-framerate video, including popular options like 48 and 60fps, typically used in HFR live-action footage and video game captures, respectively. When viewed in HD, videos uploaded at these framerates will retain their full quality.

Another new feature for content creators is the YouTube Creator Studio app for Android, which allows uploaders to manage their channels from their mobile devices. A new donations feature will allow viewers to directly contribute money to channels they enjoy. The feature is currently in beta, but anyone interested in testing it can sign up for a chance to do so through a form on YouTube’s website.

These changes are accompanied by smaller changes, such as more visible playlists, viewer-submitted subtitles, a new annotation-like “info cards” function, and the ability to tag collaborators in video descriptions so viewers can easily find their work.

Most of these changes are being rolled out to a few select YouTube partners for testing while others are not yet available. All of these features are expected to go public soon. As noted earlier, YouTube also announced a SiriusXM music show called YouTube 15, hosted by YouTuber Jenna Marbles that will start on July 11th.