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October 2021

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The Pixel 6 has barely had its time in the spotlight, arriving in the hands of customers at the end of October, but there will always be a reason to keep our eyes to the horizon. The first signs of a Google Pixel 7, the presumed name for Google’s flagship phone for 2022, have appeared.

The key advancement and differentiator of the Pixel 6 from all previous Pixels — and really all Android phones — is the inclusion of a Google Tensor chip, which includes Google-designed hardware to enhance the many machine learning powered features. For example, the currently-exclusive “Magic Eraser” in Google Photos and the digital improvements to your camera shots are able to be quickly processed by the Tensor chip.

The first tidbit uncovered about the Pixel 7 is that it will, unsurprisingly, be powered by a second-generation Google Tensor chip, with the model number “GS201.” The information was discovered through the addition of an internal Google developer board “Cloudripper” to apps on the Pixel 6.

Beyond the model number and that associated codename, no details have surfaced about the kinds of improvements to expect from a Pixel 7 powered by a Google Tensor GS201 chip.

You can find the latest news, updates, and in-depth coverage about the presumed Google Pixel 7 down below.

Google Pixel 7 Stories October 28

New evidence suggests that the Pixel 7 will, unsurprisingly, feature a second-generation Google Tensor chip.

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