data stash Stories March 16, 2015

T-Mobile extends 10GB free LTE data to prepaid customers, includes data rollover for up to a year

T-Mobile announced Data Stash back in December, giving postpaid customers 10GB of LTE data free of charge and the ability to roll over their unused data month-to-month for up to a year. As of Sunday March 22nd, prepaid customers will now get to enjoy the same deal.

This month, we’re taking Data Stash even further.  I’m happy to announce that, starting Sunday March 22nd, Data Stash will start rolling out to Simple Choice prepaid customers. Every single one of our prepaid voice customers with a qualifying Simple Choice plan will start out with a Starter Stash with up to 10 GB of 4G LTE data. And when that’s all used up, they’ll start rolling forward their unused data for use up to a full year.  Automatically… and at no extra charge.

T-Mobile says that the ability to roll over data from month to month has been one of the most requested changes, with 27% of postpaid customers having already dipped into their data stash.

The full text of the press release can be found below.

data stash Stories January 27, 2015

Kim Kardashian on T-Mobile Data Rollover: You could use that data to gawk at this… (Video)

With Un-carrier 8.0, T-Mobile introduced to the world its new “Data Stash” program, which allows customers to stash away unused data for up to a year. And with Super Bowl XLIX around the corner (and as is T-Mobile style), the company has decided to put together a fairly borderline obnoxious commercial about this new initiative, featuring the pop culture famous person of famous persons. Yes, the Un-carrier has unsurprisingly chosen Kim Kardashian to star in its Super Bowl commercial, and in the clip she seems to focus mainly on mocking herself…

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