With Un-carrier 8.0, T-Mobile introduced to the world its new “Data Stash” program, which allows customers to stash away unused data for up to a year. And with Super Bowl XLIX around the corner (and as is T-Mobile style), the company has decided to put together a fairly borderline obnoxious commercial about this new initiative, featuring the pop culture famous person of famous persons. Yes, the Un-carrier has unsurprisingly chosen Kim Kardashian to star in its Super Bowl commercial, and in the clip she seems to focus mainly on mocking herself…

The point T-Mobile is trying to get across with this commercial is that losing your unused data at the end of the month means there’s tons of internet-ing that you could be doing that you don’t get the opportunity to do. Specifically, Kardashian uses the example of herself, and sad music plays in the background mourning the loss of data that she says could be used to “see my makeup, my backhand, my outfits, my vacations, and my outfits.”

Here it is:

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