un-carrier Stories March 24, 2017

How to enable T-Mobile’s new robocall protection to block scam calls on Android

As part of an industry-wide fight against robocalling, T-Mobile is introducing new technologies today to help consumers fight against phone call scams.

Using patent-pending technology, T-Mobile is rolling out features that will integrate directly into the Un-carrier’s network. No apps to download, no settings to configure, simply dial a number to enable the protection.

un-carrier Stories June 25, 2015

Jump On Demand T-Mobile

T-Mobile is upgrading its Jump plan introduced two years ago to allow subscribers to move to new smartphones more frequently than before. The new Jump On Demand option lets you lease a smartphone for a small monthly fee, then trade it in for a new smartphone up to three times per year at no additional cost. expand full story

un-carrier Stories January 27, 2015

Kim Kardashian on T-Mobile Data Rollover: You could use that data to gawk at this… (Video)

With Un-carrier 8.0, T-Mobile introduced to the world its new “Data Stash” program, which allows customers to stash away unused data for up to a year. And with Super Bowl XLIX around the corner (and as is T-Mobile style), the company has decided to put together a fairly borderline obnoxious commercial about this new initiative, featuring the pop culture famous person of famous persons. Yes, the Un-carrier has unsurprisingly chosen Kim Kardashian to star in its Super Bowl commercial, and in the clip she seems to focus mainly on mocking herself…

un-carrier Stories January 26, 2015

T-Mobile’s new ‘SCORE!’ program gives you smartphone discounts & perks for $5/month

T-Mobile is seemingly continuing with its “Un-carrier” parade, as the company just announced a new program called “SCORE!” that lets customers add $5 per month to their bill to get some steep discounts on smartphone upgrades. Essentially, enrolling in this program lets you subsidize one of your own future smartphone purchases, but it looks like T-Mobile is going to try to make the investment worth your time.

un-carrier Stories July 2, 2014


According to a leaked internal T-Mobile memo, accessories being sold to eligible customers will qualify for an EIP (equipment installment plan) starting on July 20th (via TmoNews). Much more expensive smartphone accessories such as smartwatches and high-end Beats headphones are surely becoming more and more attractive to customers, and the un-carrier seemingly wants to give customers an easier way to get their hands on them. expand full story

un-carrier Stories January 6, 2014


T-Mobile’s John Legere somehow managed to sneak into a party thrown by arch-rival AT&T for its developers at CES tonight. Though he told Re/code that he was only there to see a performance by Macklemore (riiight), the “un-carrier” CEO—clad in his trademark magenta “T”-shirt (sorry)—was soon escorted from the facility by un-amused security.

Legere has made himself out as AT&T’s biggest fear in recent weeks, mocking his nemesis on Twitter without reservation. AT&T certainly isn’t helping their own case with new attempts to lure away T-Mobile subscribers by offering up to $450 in credit. Legere seems to have another trick up his sleeve, though, and has teased that the fourth phase of his “un-carrier” initiative will be revealed at CES this week.

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