Motorola Mobility Holdings, Inc. —while awaiting Google consumption— announced its Q4 2011 financial figures today, and the results are paltry.

The Illinois-headquartered communications corporation reported an $80 million loss on revenue of $3.4 billion. In Q4 2010, Motorola Mobility published a $100 million profit.

The red ink terrain expands to the company’s trend of dwindling phone shipments, as it sent out a mere 10.5 million devices in Q4 2011 versus 11.3 million from the same quarter a year earlier. The company shipped 42.4 million devices total in 2011 that includes 18.7 million smartphones and an additional million in tablets. However, Q4 2011 is only accountable for 200,000 units, despite the Xoom 2 launch and Xyboard series.

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