Harman Kardon Stories August 27, 2018

Harman Kardon announces $600 ‘Citation 500’ Google Assistant speaker ahead of IFA 2018

Smart speakers fill a lot of different jobs, but most people still love them most for simply streaming music. Today, Harman Kardon has announced a new Google Assistant speaker arriving in September, and it costs a pretty penny…

Harman Kardon Stories May 8, 2014


Sprint recently announced that it would carry a special edition of the HTC One M8 that would feature sound enhancing software from Harman Kardon. While we’re happy for the carrier and its legions of customers, we couldn’t help but feel sorry for M8 owners outside of Sprint’s service. If you happen to be a part of this group, turn that frown upside down! We’ve got some good news for you today! This crafty individuals over at The Unlockr how found a workaround that brings Harman Kardon’s Clari-fi tech to just about any version of HTC’s new flagship phone.

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