Indiana Pacers Stories April 24, 2014



The NBA’s Indiana Pacers have a secret weapon on and off the court and while it won’t likely improve the team’s chance of making it through the playoffs, it’s changing the way people watch professional basketball. Last month, the Pacers became the second NBA team to use Google Glass (these guys did it first) to enhance its in-game experience for fans. According to Rob Laycock, VP of marketing for the Indiana Pacers, the idea to use Glass originally came from the team’s center, Roy Hibbert.

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Indiana Pacers Stories January 20, 2014



Vivek Ranadivé, owner of the Sacramento Kings, has tweeted that selected players, cheerleaders and announcers will be wearing Google Glass at Friday’s NBA game against the Indiana Pacers, allowing fans to “see the game from an entirely new perspective” …  expand full story

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