Vivek Ranadivé, owner of the Sacramento Kings, has tweeted that selected players, cheerleaders and announcers will be wearing Google Glass at Friday’s NBA game against the Indiana Pacers, allowing fans to “see the game from an entirely new perspective” … 


Players won’t be allowed to wear Glass while actually playing, so the Glass action will be a mix of court-side and behind-the-scenes action. From the promo video, the court-side footage looks rather like someone gave a camcorder to a six-year-old, but the behind-the-scenes material should indeed add something to the experience.

The team hasn’t yet said whether any of the footage will be broadcast live, but we can doubtless expect it to show up on the web.

Google Glass has already been tested in NFL football and in the Stanford football program, as well as in an innovative app designed to enhance the spectating experience at baseball games.

Via The Verge

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