Samsung’s BLADE edge smart-knife is perfect for food photos, completely fake

The April Fools’ Day jokes are already streaming in full-force, and Samsung is kicking theirs off a day early with the “announcement” of the new Galaxy BLADE edge smart phone/knife. They may be making fun of themselves more than they think, though, making a joke of a feature many have widely considered to be a gimmick in the first place. The BLADE edge sports a “diamond edge blade,” “patented curved ergonomic ceramic,” a “100% water- and fire-proof display” and a handle that comes in 4 different materials.

Oh, and it comes with a stylus that doubles as a meat thermometer, called the S-Thermometer:

Galaxy BLADE edge comes with a stylus that doubles as a wireless meat thermometer and baking tool, to let you know when your pan-seared foie gras is the right temperature, and when your baked camembert is ready to be taken out of the oven. Use it to ensure the correct water temperature when cooking braised beef short ribs sous vide.

It would be pretty convenient for those who enjoy taking photos of their food to have a camera directly attached to a kitchen knife. Maybe you could even use the blade/device to livestream your cooking from the point of view of the knife/phone. That would be interesting. Of course, this product isn’t real by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s definitely something worth about 5 seconds of chuckling at as you go about your April Fools’ day. It’s probably best to heir on the side of caution for a couple days—this post from Samsung is just the beginning.