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Moto 360 5.0.1 update delayed, some devices now receiving LWX48T build


Motorola may have originally planned to roll out the Android Wear 5.0.1 update to all Moto 360 devices by the end of the day yesterday, but it looks like the company is facing some kind of delay in the rollout. Now, some users are seeing yet another build of 5.0.1 hitting their devices, and Motorola is saying everyone should be up to date by the end of the week.

The forum page that we cited in our post from yesterday originally listed the 15th as the last day of the rollout, but today, some users on Google+ and elsewhere—even those that already had the update—are now reporting that a second build, dubbed LWX48T, is rolling out. This is probably just to fix some last minute bugs, and Motorola has since said that the new rollout schedule is that Moto 360 users should receive the update “by the end of this week.”

Have you received the Android Wear Lollipop update on your Moto 360? If so, have you received the new release also?