Nautilus Stories January 1, 2018

Chrome OS is picking up steam when it comes to hardware, and one of the manufacturers driving that progress is Samsung. Now, an upcoming Chrome OS device known as “Nautilus” has been confirmed to be coming from the company, and packs some interesting specs…

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Nautilus Stories December 28, 2017

Samsung’s rumored detachable Chromebook will likely feature a stylus

On the heels of the Chromebook Plus and Pro, Samsung’s next-generation Chromebook is likely to feature a tablet design with a detachable keyboard. This is according to the Chromium Repository, with the latest entries now hinting at the presence of a stylus.

Nautilus Stories November 19, 2017

For some time now, many believed that Google had abandoned all hope of optimizing the Android platform for tablets. In place of Android tablets, some speculate that the next iteration of Android tablets will, in fact, be Chromebooks.

Based on several recent changes to the Chromium Repository, it looks like Samsung is working on a detachable Chromebook. If true, it could be the first of many 2-in-1 devices that run the Chrome operating system and full-sized Android apps side by side…

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