Samsung building on green credentials of Galaxy series with recycled & recyclable packaging

Samsung has announced that the packaging for its Galaxy S5 handset will not only be recyclable, but also partly made from recycled material. So the packaging your S5 arrives in may well be partly made from recycled S4 boxes.

Samsung says that both manual and packaging are 100 percent recyclable, and the plastic elements are biodegradable.

Naturally degrading plastic packaging material and charger cases using recyclable plastic and soy ink without petroleum solvents prevent soil and marine environment contamination. In addition, 20% of the material consists of waste plastic and recycled plastic with better shock and flame resistance for charger cases. The soy ink used to print its product manual and box improves the print work environment and save annual use of petroleum solvent by 30 tons.

Samsung points to the Galaxy product series achieving eco-friendly certification in 213 cases across six countries since 2011.