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Youtube Live integrated into Google+ Hangouts

To add a new social experience, Youtube Live has been integrated into Google+ Hangouts reports GigaOm. In the past, Hangouts users could watch Youtube videos together, but today, they can now watch Live events Youtube hosts on occasion. Past events include concrets and speeches from the Whitehouse. Want to give it a try? Follow the directions below.

  • Start a Hangouts session in Google+ and invite your contacts to join you.
  • In a separate browser tab, head over and select a live stream of your choice
  • Copy the YouTube video I.D. of the selected live stream. Not sure how to find it? Just click on theshare link below the video. You’ll get to see a link like – the cryptic code after the slash is the video I.D.
  • Switch back to hangouts, open the video tab and search for the I.D.
  • Click play, and you’re all set.