Chrome OS is finally going to get the Roboto font treatment

While Roboto has been around since the launch of Android 4.0, it still has not to this day been added as the font used within Google’s own Chrome OS. It looks like this is going to change—if a Chromium issue tracker report is to be believed—and the font is going to jump straight from its current Noto Sans fashion to the second iteration of Roboto that launched with Android L.

1) Can we add Robot (and all weights etc) as default font to Chrome OS 2) Can we make it controllable by a flag in about:flags so we can test it and file specific design bugs where the new font will need adjustments @Sebastien, can you provide a link to the latest Roboto font resources?

At first it appears that the font will be controllable via a Chrome flag so that the Chromium team can make sure the bugs get worked out before the font goes prime time. Notably, this new font is going to be slightly different than the Roboto we’ve known in the past, with Google saying the new version is “slightly wider and rounder, giving it greater clarity and making it more optimistic…” to match the design aesthetic of Android L.

(via OMGChrome)