‘Shop X’ Google Glass shopping list app now available through MyGlass

Shop X, the Glassware brainchild of Glass Explorer Ryan Kopinksy, is a great way to create and view shopping lists on Google Glass. The app has been widely praised by the Glass community for quite some time, but it previously had to be sideloaded if you wanted to install it. No longer, as Shop X can now be grabbed on MyGlass along the likes of Noble Ackerson’s LynxFit and well-known apps like Foursquare and Facebook.

To use the app, all you have to do is say “Ok, Glass” followed by “Take a Note.” List as many items as you want across a wide variety of grocery categories, and then give the app a second to process the information. Once it’s done, you’ll receive cards on your Glass home screen that are made up of all the items you listed sorted into categories. Check out the video embedded below showing the basics of how the app works.

As listed on the software’s official MyGlass listing:

Shop X enables you to create your shopping list by voice command. The items in your shopping list are sorted by category and can be checked off whenever you are done with the category. Shop X will sync your shopping list with the cloud so you can access and manage it from any device.