schedules Stories April 13, 2016


Last year, Google Calendar was updated with reminders that sync between Inbox, Keep, and Google Now. Users can now add personal goals, and Calendar will intelligently finding the best time for them. The updated Android and iOS apps also has smart features like reminders and will automatically reschedule in case of conflicts.

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schedules Stories February 19, 2014

Google adds detailed transit schedules to Google Search app

Google noted today on its Google+ page that it’s added detailed transit schedules to the Google Search app for at least Android users.

Tap the microphone on the Google Search app and say, “From New York City to Boston by train.”

Google will now display detailed information for schedules and fares to the requested destination and also a countdown timer that will show how long until the next train or bus, for example. “And if the train ever gets delayed due to a maintenance issue or an accident, you’ll see a status alert in the results.” The feature appears to be limited to users in the U.S. currently.

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