Google: 20M students and faculty use Google Apps for education, enterprise business ‘strong in retail sector’

During the Q3 2012 earnings call, Google software engineer Amit Singh just elaborated on the company’s enterprise business via Google+ (text version below):

The latest on Enterprise business @ Google from #google earnings. More Fortune 500 companies are #gonegoogle

Our Enterprise business continues to grow at an astounding pace as more and more companies and schools ‘Go Google’ and move to the cloud. We saw especially strong traction in the retail sector with Dillard’s, Kohl’s, Office Depot all using Google’s enterprise products.  In education, there are over 20M students, faculty and staff now on Google Apps, including Princeton, Virginia Tech, and the Philippines Department of Education, which has over 600,000 users. And with the launch of Google+ for enterprise customers, organizations of all sizes including Kaplan and Banshee Wines are starting to use our Hangouts and other tools to work together and get things done from anywhere.

Google Apps features several cloud-based Web applications that are similar to traditional office suites. The services vary per edition but generally include: Docs, Gmail, Calendar, Talk, Sites, Groups, Video, and Marketplace. Google Apps’ popularity among businesses and academicians has rapidly increased due to enhanced sharing features, accessibility, and cost.

Google has encouraged businesses and educational institutions to go Google with Google Apps since May as part of its “Go Google” campaign.