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WDYL is Google’s new site for searching all of their products

TechCrunch is reporting this morning that Google’s new site WDYL is live, but not officially announced. WDYL stands for What Do You Love, and the one suggestion would be 9to5Google. But for testing’s sake, we’ll give you a pass if you search for something else in this sleek new service.

So what is this lovely new service? WDYL allows users to make one search that will turn up results in all of Google’s products. As you can see below, our search for 9to5Google turned up results in Google News, Picasa, Books, Search, Translate, and many more.

Google hasn’t officially announce WDYL, but the product is out there to use. ┬áTo give WDYL a try, head to The www. is required in this case, because going to turns up a 404. We should expect to see google announcing this soon.