Windows 8 RT tablets Stories June 5, 2013

Please buy Windows 8 tablets, pleads Microsoft – have Office 2013 for free

Two days after cutting the cost of putting Windows 8 RT on a tablet, Microsoft has announced that Office 2013 will now be included free of charge on all 7- and 8-inch Windows 8 tablets, reportsĀ The Verge from Computex.

Microsoft has revealed that future 7- and 8-inch Windows 8 tablets will ship with a free copy of Office 2013. Speaking at Computex on Wednesday, Windows CFO Tami Reller revealed plans for Office Home and Student 2013 to be bundled with “small” Windows 8 tablets. It’s up to OEMs to bundle the software, which includes access to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote.

Windows 8 tablets are struggling to compete with Android and iOS, with Microsoft’s own Surface tablets believed to have less than a 1 percent market share.

Windows 8 RT tablets Stories June 3, 2013

Microsoft attempts to prop up Windows 8 RT tablets with price-cuts

Microsoft has announced an unspecified cut in the price it charges to manufacturers to install Windows 8 RT on small tablets.

The move would enable manufacturers to either increase profits, making it more appealing for them to support the struggling platform, or to cut prices in an attempt to boost consumer demand.

Microsoft has declined to comment on sales figures for its own Surface tablets, but they have been estimated at 1.5 million, giving it less than a 1 percent share of the market.

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