In a land where SUVs rule the landscape in the face of growing fuel costs, it is little surprise that a well-made, huge Android Phablet would sell well in the U.S. Indeed, Samsung’s Galaxy Note got a supers-shot of sales adrenaline when it reached the United States shores.

The Note passed 2 million in sales earlier this month, but add its recent U.S. launch, and the smartphone maker now claims it has sold 5 million devices. Detractors will of course claim that 5 million sold “into inventory and not necessarily sales.”  Samsung clarifies that these are sales. It is pretty clear that there are not a million devices in inventory—these are selling well either way.

Samsung passed 1 million Notes at the end of last year. My Galaxy Note review.

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6 Responses to “Samsung has incredible March, tallies 3 million Galaxy Notes sold in 4 weeks”

  1. Apple Fanboy says:

    I Want the Galaxy Note with iLauncher. :3

  2. Roger says:

    Yes Sales. Sales to the retail channel.Not Customer Sales.Which means customer sales should be 3.5 Million odd..
    After 5 months,thats sad..
    Seth Weintraub as usual…

    • Patanjali says:

      Go on. Keep deluding yourself. Why? What's is wrong with it being successful? Does it challenge your self-esteem in some way? Were you one of those that thought no would buy it and still cannot admit millions already have.

  3. hemingway says:

    How do guys fit a phone that big in their pocket? I can understand women using a phone that size because they can put it in a purse…but most guys I know keep a phone in their jeans pocket and

    • Galaxy Note user says:

      Yep, you certainly can! I'm not so tall, 5 ft 10, and it feit easily in my jeans pocket. Somehow, as if by magic, the pocket fits the entire phone so that it's not poking out at all. Best bet is for you to visit your local phone store and try it out. Great phone!

    • Patanjali says:

      Just put it in it.

      Is that somehow hard to understand?

      Or if you are trying to be funny, 5 million sales would indicates the joke's on YOU!